Since we started up our business, we have insisted on taking care of every single detail, looking for how to offer the best to our customers. Thanks to this way of working, our lines of business have been trebled and we have reached out to a large number of European and American countries.
Clearly, quality is one of the basic pillars of our work. That´s why we can prove a high level of thoroughness and responsibility through different certificates belonging to national and international standards.

Nowadays, we are one of the benchmark companies in olive oil, vinegar and vinaigrette packaging to third parties, with a wide range of formats which you can see here.
Moreover, we have grown stronger in condensed milk packaging as a private and personalized brand name for third parties, apart from having our own brand, Prosalud. In this sector, we offer our customers a large catalogue of products which you can see if you click here.
In Productos Salud, we also provide other different services such as following:

MANUFACTURING OF BOTTLES OF PET (polyethylene terephthalate)

We produce miniature bottles of PET for your olive oil or vinegar with the highest level of personalisation for your company, including the colour that you wish, what means an added value of exclusivity. In addition, we are able to deliver the product pre-packaged or if you would rather to do it at your own premises, we will ship the product to wherever you prefer.


If you would like a product designed and made exclusively for your company, you can rely on us not only as a confident supplier, but also as a partner who will work with you to create that product with the maximum quality and totally custom-made. Our projects team will be focused on the design, packaging, the raw material filling and the presentation of your product to give it shape until it is ready to launch it into the market.